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What is a TAPU cancellation case and how to open it?

Posted by TFBI8090 on 1 June 2024

Among the ownership documents, one of the most common cases is the document revocation case. So what is the case of revocation of the title deed, how is it opened?


Document transactions carried out by the General Office of Registration of Deeds and Real Estate and Cadastre are registered and registered. Transactions such as buying and selling property and transferring ownership documents are registered and formalized in this log.

However, in some transactions where it is claimed that the registration documents do not comply with the law or in the registration transactions there has been a violation, the issue must be reported to the judicial authorities. At this stage, the lawsuits filed in protest of the transaction of ownership document are called cases of revocation of the document.

How to open a document revocation file?

Persons who want to go to the Civil Court of First Instance for violations, mistakes or fraudulent transactions in title deed transactions, revocation of title deed. But in these transactions, like all official transactions, a time limit is applied.

The revocation period in title deed transactions is limited to 10 years. However, these types of lawsuits are very lengthy and at the same time very costly. Again, to conclude in such cases, you should seek the help of experts in the law of registration of property and assets. The first step in litigation is to go to the Civil Court of First Instance to file a petition for the revocation of the title deed.

Why is the document revocation case open?

Although the miscalculation made in the transaction of the title deed is the most common cause of litigation, but due to fake sale, revocation of the title deed due to the contract of custody until death and the contract of sale of the property can be annulled. The case of revocation of the document due to family residence is also formed due to sales transactions without the explicit consent of the other spouse.

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