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How much does the document cost in buying a second-hand house? tr

Posted by TFBI8090 on 4 Temmuz 2024

There is a question as to how much the property deed should be paid when buying a second-hand house. How much does it cost to transfer a second-hand title deed? What is the cost of the second house document?

There are very important details about real estate transactions. These details directly affect the buying and selling of real estate. One of them is the cost of the property document that is incurred when buying a house. How much is the tariff for ownership of second-hand houses? How much can you deposit for a second-hand house?

Ownership document fee for second-hand housing in 2024

The value of the title deed that must be paid during the transfer of the title deed of the house does not change depending on whether the house is zero or second hand. Title deed fees for all real estate are calculated with the same calculation. However, this calculation must be done accurately. Otherwise, some negative developments may occur.

Calculation of cost of title deed 2024

Those who want to buy a house and transfer the title deed are wondering how much they have to pay for the title deed. To calculate this, you should look at the sale price declared in the real estate document, i.e. the house to be transferred. 4% of this sale price is collected from the citizens as property right. 2% is paid by the buyer and another 2% by the seller. However, if the parties agree, the buyer or seller can pay the full title. There is no legal impediment to this.

What happens if a low sale price is reported to the document?

In order to pay less fees and taxes for properties that are often sold by citizens in Turkey, a lower price is reported on the title deed. However, this has significant risks. First of all, the Ministry of Treasury and Finance will supervise this sale. If a low price is specified in the document, a penalty will be applied. It is reported that the cost of the title deed that avoids paying this fine is several times.

Tapu, the official property ownership document in Turkey

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