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What is Döviz Alım Belgesi?

Posted by TFBI8090 on 1 June 2024

What is Döviz Alım Belgesi?

Notice of currency purchase document for purchase by foreign natural persons

According to the executive instructions for the sale of foreign currency to the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey within the scope of the “Circular of Capital Transfer” of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey and Article 13 of the Capital Transfer Circular and the regulations related to the implementation of the Turkish Citizenship Law, the Central Bank is obliged to exchange currency in transactions that Foreigners are buyers.

According to this regulation, the technical specifications of which are explained in the text of the circular, foreign nationals must first sell their currency to the central bank through the bank and then present the currency purchase certificate issued by the bank to the central bank. This procedure has been in force since January 24, 2022, and it is mandatory to submit a currency purchase document in the purchase of real estate by foreign natural persons.

The amount of currency exchanged will be reflected in the currency purchase document as the base value in the official year. Although the currency exchange document is sufficient for buying and selling transactions, it is also mandatory to provide a bank slip indicating the transfer from the buyer to the seller regarding the acquisition of citizenship through property acquisition.

All the cases that may be encountered regarding the implementation are explained in detail with circulars No. 2022/1 and 2019/5. Issues that may arise in practice are evaluated based on objective events.

* Payments made before the publication of the circular are accepted in principle and there will be no need to provide a currency purchase document. But a bank receipt is requested from these transactions to transfer money from the buyer to the seller. The details are detailed in Circular No. 1/2022 and 2019/5.

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