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Buy 1+1 unit EMAAR SQUARE ISTANBUL complex | Suitable for Turkish citizenship

Posted by TFBI8090 on 22 June 2024

Buying a house in Istanbul Emaar complex EMAAR SQUARE ISTANBUL: A unique opportunity for investment

Istanbul, a city with a rich history, abundant beauty and strategic geographical location, has quickly become one of the most popular destinations for buying a home. Emaar complexes have been highlighted as one of the pioneers of construction in this city and this is where unique opportunities for investment and living can be found.

If you intend to buy and sell a house. You have an office and a shop in the beautiful EMAAR SQUARE ISTANBUL Emaar Istanbul complex. Be sure to take a few minutes and read this article prepared by the content production group of TAMTURKEY company and expert consultants in the EMAAR SQUARE ISTANBUL Emaar Istanbul project to get enough information. In this field, you can make the best and most suitable choice.

This multi-purpose project was designed and built in the Skodar area, one of the best Asian areas of Istanbul.

An important point about the Emar project

The sale of the first-hand units of Emaar EMAAR SQUARE has ended

To buy second-hand units suitable for citizenship or investment

We recommend before buying

Be sure to contact the advisors via WhatsApp

According to the new rules, it is not possible to obtain Turkish citizenship from 25|01|2023 in some projects.

0+1 – 1+1 – 2+1 – 3+1 – 4+1 – 5+1

Emaar special units suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship and cheap non-citizen units

Emaar is a unique and luxury project in Istanbul for residential-office-commercial needs

The official and legal representative of real estate inside the Emaar building complex is providing services to customers

Contact us for advice and to visit Emaar


Buy 1+1 unit | EMAAR SQUARE ISTANBUL complex | Suitable for Turkish citizenship



Benefits of buying a house in Istanbul and the EMAAR SQUARE ISTANBUL project

*. Strategic location

Istanbul, the bridge between East and West, the gateway to the Arab world and Europe, has a strategic location. Emaar complexes are often located in strategic locations with easy access to urban and transportation centers.

*. Modern design and special facilities

EMAAR SQUARE ISTANBUL complexes offer a luxurious and comfortable living experience with modern designs and special facilities such as swimming pools, clubs, green spaces and shopping centers.

*. Return on investment

Due to the rapid growth of the housing market in Istanbul, buying a house in EMAAR ISTANBUL complex is considered as an opportunity for investment with high returns.

*. Municipal facilities

Istanbul offers a dynamic and attractive city life with rich cultural, historical and recreational facilities, including museums, markets and famous restaurants.

*. Diverse culture

Istanbul, with its thousands of years of history, has hosted diverse cultures and religions, and this feature has given this city the label of “cultural bridge”.

Conclusion :

Buying a house in EMAAR SQUARE ISTANBUL complex in Istanbul, in addition to luxury and modern facilities, is considered as a strategic opportunity to invest in the growing housing market of this city. With its strategic location, modern design, and unique amenities, EMAAR SQUARE ISTANBUL complexes are an excellent choice for living and investing in Istanbul.

If you are looking to buy a house in Istanbul, EMAAR SQUARE ISTANBUL complex is attractive and suitable options. For more information and advice on buying your property, contact our consultants.

Be sure to contact experie


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